Microprocessorized instrument of ferrite contents by means of non-destructive method MPD-100

Mobile meter designed to continuous measurement of ferrite contain during displacement of the sensor along the tested object. The meter contain the measurements memory and all obtained date could be display on LCD.The meter contain also RS232 interface which allow the data transmittion to PC.

The principle of operation of the instrument is based on the relationship of the reluctance of the tested material as a function of ferrite contents. It allows for continuous measurement during displacement of the sensor along the tested object. In this way the instrument is able to easily and quickly evaluate the quality of the material. The results are loaded to the instrument memory by the operator.

Small size of detector allows controlling the elements with small overall dimensions and the elements with complex shapes as well as it allows evaluating of heterogeneity of the elements with big overall dimensions.

»   Measurement range of ferrite contents 0.00 ÷ 99.9%
»   Resolution 0.01
»   Digital read-out alphanumeric display
»   Measurement accuracy (measurement on the standard sample) ±10 %
»   Signalling of range exceeding graphic and acoustic
»   Number of saved measurement results ca. 1200 results for 30 objects (number of saved measurement results depends on individual requests of our Customers)  
»   Determination and presentation of max, min and average ferrite contents for each object  
»   Autocalibration of the device  
»   Presentation of the measurement in the bar-graph mode  
»   Data transmission to the computer by means of series interface  
»   Recalling of each measuring point at any time by means of LCD display or monitor after connection the device to the computer  
»   Lighting of alphanumeric display  
»   Measurement results printing after connection of series printer  
»   Deleting unnecessary results  
»   Choosing of language version polish/english
»   Control Keyboard
»   Supply Accumulator
»   Signalling of necessity of charging a battery acoustic and graphic

The device is fully automated and it does not require any regulations, including charging a battery.