Jaw device PC-100 designed to measure taper and crown of generator core lamination.

The PC-100 device is designed to determine the taper and the crown of generator core lamination. The device contain series connection which allow the data transmittion to PC.

The PC-100 device is designed to determine the taper and the crown of generator core lamination.

Microprocessor controlled pneumatic bi-directional servomotor with electronic converter of pressure allows setting the specific pressure forces of measuring head on the tested object. The measuring head contains two electrodes with the total cross-section surface of 3.14 cm2.

When the tested object is inserted between measuring device jaws as well as pressure values and the number of measuring points is set, the fully automated measurement starts

The whole measurement procedure contains:
  • pushing forward of servomotor,
  • stabilization of pressure value,
  • the measurement of stack thickness is realized after 30 seconds,
  • pushing back of servomotor.
After the activities, mentioned above, the device is ready to the following measurement. The taper and crown are calculated after performing all measuring points. The whole measuring procedure, including the setting of measuring points, calculation, recording and presentation of obtained results is fully automated.

»   Pressure force adjusted
»   The range of pressure force (250 ÷ 1750)N
»   Accuracy of pressure force ±2% of the range
»   The surface of pressure force S = 3.14 cm2
»   The range of thickness measurement <= 70 mm
»   Resolution of thickness measurement ±10µm
»   Accuracy of thickness measurement ±10µm
»   Calibration, control test automatic
»   The control of measurement correctness continuous
»   Measurement parameters input by means of keyboard of the device  
»   Taper and crown are calculated for 6 measuring points, which are described at the figure, according to the following equations:  

Description of measuring points:
»  Presentation of measuring results by means of:

  • liquid-display of the device,
  • monitor, after connection the device to the computer,
  • The possibility of data transmission to the external computer by series interface
  • Power supply 24V, ±10%,